Remember when people were arguing about whether Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a new game or just a port? That debate’s sure settled! Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai pulled back the curtains on the latest Smash at Nintendo’s E3 Direct and the subsequent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct.

The newest iteration has been overhauled in numerous ways, including visual improvements to its more than 100 hundred stages. So how do the new ones stack up against the old? GameXplain has put together an excellent video that compares them all side by side so you can judge for yourself!

Some stages have been pretty massively improved, while the changes are more subtle on others. In general, the whole game looks much more refined. Textures have more detail and stand out more, colors are more vibrant (and lighting is better in general), and backgrounds are much clearer. Bridge of Eldin, in particular, features a massively improved background.

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