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SEGA Confirms Castle of Illusion Remake


Castle of Illusion, a classic Sega Genesis hit, has officially been confirmed
to be re-made in HD for a new generation of gamers on the PlayStation
3, Xbox 360, and PC, all through digital download. Available this
summer, this confirmation is exciting news for those who were around to
enjoy this classic gem the first time and for new gamers alike. This
re-make was teased
last week and is said to be a re-imagining of the game, with the new
team from Sega working closely with the game’s original director, who
now works at Disney Interactive.

We have also been working very closely with the director of the original
game, who is now at Disney Interactive. We are having a blast working
with her to realize many of the elements that were intended for the
original game, but couldn’t be achieved until now due to the technical
limitations of previous generation consoles. If you have played the
original game, you will also see that we have kept intact many of the
major iconic elements of the game that helped define this groundbreaking
game at the time of its original release.
Sega’s Australian Development Team

those unfamiliar to this game, it was a side-scrolling platformer
released in 1990 on the Sega Genesis. The player took control of the
iconic Mickey Mouse who went to the Castle of Illusion to save Minnie
Mouse from the evil witch Mizrabel, who wanted to steal her youth.
According to reviews at the time of the original release, it felt like a
Mario-style game that does enough to separate itself as a solid
platformer. In the remake, it will become a game played in 2.5D (notable
examples of games in 2.5D for those unfamiliar include LittleBigPlanet and the Trine
series) and feature all new features that were planned for the original
but could not be implemented due to technological limitations at the
time. Also notable is that the re-make’s music is composed by Grant Kirkhope, a composer noted for his composition of the music found in games such as Banjo-Kazooie and GoldenEye, with whom (that’s us!) had an exclusive interview back in March.

in all this seems like an exciting announcement. Definitely good news
for anyone looking for another solid Disney game after the modestly
received Epic Mickey games. What do you think? Ready to
re-experience a classic in HD or to add another entry to your platformer
library? Or just excited that Disney is heading into a good gaming
direction? Sound off in the comments!

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