If you were worried about the quality of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, this piece of news might relieve the anxiety. A SEGA employee under the alias RubyEclipse has been answering fans’ questions on the NeoGAF forums about Fire & Ice. Sanzaru, the company who designed Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal last year, is at the helm for this year’s iteration. While Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal was the stronger of the previous two titles, Sanzaru says that there is still a fair bit that they wanted to change and improve. As a result, they are planning to include fan feedback into their decision making.

When it comes to gameplay, players will get a faster experience this time around. Collectibles will be optional, but if you do choose to find them all, you will unlock some cool things as you progress in the game. You can control fire and ice at the push of a button, toggling between the two by pushing the shoulder buttons. The level length has also been reduced so the flow can feel much faster. While extra paths and collectibles items still exist, they will be optional and won’t be required to move to the next island.

Lastly, the soundtrack will be composed by Richard Jacques who has worked on the
Sonic the Hedgehog series before. Based off of the responses that RubyEclipse has given, it seems that Sanzaru has a better grasp on the making of this game than the previous one. Hopefully Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will turn out great!

Source: NeoGAF

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