One of Sega’s time-honored traditions is that of Hedgehog Day; starting in 1994, when Sonic 3 was released, every February 2nd has been a special day that Sega generally orients towards their mascot. Sega has been hyping the day themselves recently, so this year there was a lot of excitement over a potential game reveal on February 2nd. Well, that’s today, and Sega did indeed make a blog post…but it says they aren’t ready to talk. That’s all well and good, but…well, there just so happens to be a secret message in their blog.

The only thing the post really shows is this signed Sonic statue:

That’s great. Really. Exhilarating. 

Obviously, it’s incredibly underwhelming. This isn’t for a contest, they aren’t selling these. So why bother showing us this? Honestly, I don’t think it’s the real point of the post.

Scattered around the paragraphs are a number of bolded letters; rearranged, they spell ‘red herring’. What could this mean? Well, a red herring is a false clue, commonly used in mysteries, meant to throw the readers/viewers/gamers off the scent. A good example is Adrian Andrews in the Phoenix Wright series; she looks guilty, but all the evidence against her was planted by the real killer. Actually, Phoenix Wright uses red herrings more than any other game I can think of.

Regardless, this is perplexing. What’s the red herring in this situation? The blog post? The statue? Is there really not a game after all? Or has the information actually been released in some sort of hidden form? I’m going to keep combing through the post to see if I can dig something up. Do you guys have any ideas?

Our Verdict

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