Metroid is one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises, but it hasn’t always received the same amount of attention from Nintendo over the years as games like Mario or Zelda. Samus’ adventures have often had multi-year gaps between them as Nintendo struggles to decide what to do with the franchise. During these absent periods, many third-party developers have pitched ideas to Nintendo, hoping to have the chance to create their own Metroid experience.

We’ve heard stories about Next Level Games, MercurySteam, and others pitching ideas to Nintendo, but one lesser-known pitch came from SEGA. Speaking with EDGE, Toshihiro Nagoshi (now SEGA’s chief creative officer) reminisced about games he worked on the past, including Super Monkey Ball and F-Zero GX. During the chat, Nagoshi dropped this juicy tidbit of news:

“I really liked the Super Famicom game, and while we made a few proposals – Metroid for instance, and others – I was most confident in making a driving game because of my experience in the genre, though I’d never make a sci-fi one.”
— Toshihiro Nagoshi

Unfortunately, Nagoshi didn’t reveal any details about this mystery Metroid project, so we don’t know what sort of gameplay it would have featured or why Nintendo turned it down. Hopefully, now that the project’s existence has been revealed, we’ll see more details trickle out in future interviews.

Source: EDGE (via Resetera)

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