Nintendo has fallen on some hard times so far this year, with the Wii U heavily under-performing and the disappearance of most major third-party developers not helping. Therefore, it is always great news when a third-party comes out in defense of Nintendo and their newest home console. A small number of third-parties have adamant support for Nintendo and the Wii U, and SEGA, one of the most supportive developers, has explained why it partners so closely with Nintendo recently in an interview with Polygon.

SEGA, if you remember, was once a top console maker, fighting head-to-head with Nintendo and even winning some battles. Ultimately, SEGA was forced to drop out of the console race, but not without giving the world one of the best video game characters around: Sonic the Hedgehog. The Blue Blur has raced to various consoles since SEGA became third-party, but, as time has gone on, it has become increasingly apparent that Nintendo consoles are favored for featuring the fans’ favorite hedgehog. SEGA representatives went into detail about this with Polygon when Polygon had hands-on time with the brand new, Wii U exclusive Sonic Lost World. Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber and producer Sam Mullen talked to Polygon and said that the recent three game Nintendo-exclusivity deal for Sonicjust made sense.”

“If we trace Sonic’s third-party roots all the way back to just after the Dreamcast, we released Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube and it did phenomenally well. We think that’s because there was a lot of overlap between the Sonic/SEGA and Nintendo crowd at that time, and we just found historically that Sonic performs really, really well on Nintendo platforms. Sonic Colors did great,Sonic and the Black Knight did well and Sonic and Secret Rings did well — all Nintendo. When we look at the numbers, we thought — this is clearly where our audience is.” Aaron Webber

So SEGA believes, and probably rightly so, that their audience lies with Nintendo. This realization basically secures SEGA as a fully supportive third-party to Nintendo, unless they choose to take another path, such as becoming more than a third-party to Nintendo. While I personally would like to see that, SEGA has not said anything even hinting at the possibility of becoming permanently exclusive to Nintendo; it is merely some fun food-for-thought.

What do you think? Do you want to see SEGA become more to Nintendo than a third-party? Or do you like things the way that they currently are?

Source: Polygon

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