SEGA has announced that they will close all online services for Sonic Runners on July 27th. The sale of Red Star Rings, the game’s currency, has been closed since last Friday, May 27th, and rings purchased before that date will only be redeemable or usable in-game before July 27th.

Sonic Runners was released on iOS and Android in Japan and Canada in early 2015, and it launched worldwide later that year. At its launch, Sonic Runners was met with a poor reception from critics and fans alike, who claimed the title was full of glitches and contained too many in-game transactions and advertisements. Very soon, the game was turning a low profit and was considered a financial failure by SEGA.

official notification of closure of service on SEGA’s website does not cite specific reasons for the game’s discontinuation, instead simply thanking the players who have supported Sonic Runners until this point.

What do you guys think? Have any of you enjoyed playing
Sonic Runners for the past year? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SEGA

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