Nintendo has just issued its second quarter earnings release, highlighting financial data from the first six months (April 1st – September 30th) of the current fiscal year. It hasn’t been a very strong year for Nintendo so far, and that’s reflected in the company’s finances, as Nintendo is reporting an operating loss of ¥5.947 billion (around $57 million) for the first two quarters. Nintendo reported an operating loss of ¥5.134 billion yen for the first three quarters earlier this year, so it looks like quarter two saw them losing around ¥800 million (around 7.7 million). Net sales were down by 33%.

However, Nintendo still has a net profit for the year so far. Through six months, Nintendo reports their “Profit attributable to owners of parent” at ¥38.299 billion, or around $271 million. This is
just short of analyst projections, and the net profit can largely be attributed to the sale of the Seattle Mariners baseball team earlier this year. Through the first three months of the year, Nintendo had a net loss of ¥24.534 billion. That means they pulled in around $600 million in net profits last quarter, and they sold the Mariners for $661 million.

Source: Nintendo

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