We’ve been running a Nintendo-centric podcast called Nintendo Week on iTunes and YouTube for some time now. Typically, the podcast consists of a weekly news discussion and a more general discussion about any range of subjects—Amiibo, Nintendo’s smartphone plans, remakes we’d like to see on 3DS, to name a few, and we’ve got plenty of others in the pipeline. But this week, we want to introduce a third type of segment: a Q&A.

But of course, to do that, we need your questions! You can reference a piece of news, you could ask us about a game or series, you could ask us anything Nintendo-related that you want! Feel free to be as creative or specific with your questions as you want, because we’ll be answering the best of the best in a new segment on Nintendo Week this Wednesday!

To leave a question, just leave a comment on this page in Disqus. We’ll be reading through all of them (and even some questions on Facebook and Twitter), so don’t hesitate! And if someone asks a question you didn’t think of, but would like to see answered, go ahead and vote their comment up! The most popular questions have the highest chance of making it to the show.

Happy asking, everyone!

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