The Pokémon Company recently teased that more Pokémon Sun and Moon news is coming on July 1st, but it looks like it’s here early. A series of seven videos leaked this morning, each revealing a new Pokémon from the upcoming 3DS games. Shortly afterwards, The Pokémon Company released an official new trailer, confirming the leak and showing off more footage of all seven new Pokémon. Additionally, the trailer reveals new footage of Zygarde and shows a transformation from its 50% Form (what we’re used to seeing in previous games) to its Complete Form. The new Pokémon revealed today include:

  • Tapu Koko (Electric / Fairy)
  • Charjabug (Bug / Electric)
  • Vikavolt, an evolution of Charjabug (Bug / Electric)
  • Drampa (Normal / Dragon)
  • Bruxish (Water / Psychic)
  • Cutiefly (Bug / Fairy)
  • Togedamaru (Electric / Steel)

It has also been confirmed that Tapu Koko has the special ability Elec Maker which automatically turns the field into Electric Terrain. Tapu Koko was previously mentioned during the
Pokémon Sun and Moon E3 livestream, where it was said to be the guardian of the game’s first island. You can check out all the new footage and screenshots by clicking below!

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