WayForward Technologies, developers of the upcoming Kickstarter success Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, have announced that they’re in talks with multiple publishers in order to give the game a retail release. This statement also comes with a new poll for the game’s Kickstarter backers. Those who have pledged their money toward the game’s development will have input on the costume for the rival genie character of the game. This character is part of the “Fire and Forget” story arc added to the game through a Kickstarter Stretch Goal.

WayForward explains:

“It’s time for another vote! Remember that “Fire and Forget” Stretch Goal you all funded into existence? In that storyline, Shantae gets REPLACED as Scuttle Town’s Guardian Genie. To make matter’s worse, her replacement is snotty, stuck up, and none too easy to get along with. So – what’s this new genie going to look like? You can see all three of Matt’s rough sketches above, along with the cleaned up in-game sprite designs below. Which one strikes your fancy? Vote by clicking the link
right here, and make your selections by May 13th, 11:59pm PDT. Let’s get voting!” — WayForward Technologies

Source: WayForward Technologies

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