Shenmue III basically destroyed E3 when its Kickstarter campaign was announced at Sony’s annual press conference in 2015. However, it seems that Yu Suzuki’s juggernaut won’t be making an appearance at the event this year. The project has made tremendous progress since last year, with Suzuki claiming that the story is “95% done,” but none of the in-game content has been finished yet. The game simply isn’t ready to be shown to the public yet, though it sounds like work is progressing swimmingly.

Suzuki added that he’d love to include new QTE features featuring elements of the FREE battle system, but he’s unsure if there will be enough time to implement these mechanics successfully. He also states that the game will cover Chapter 5-6 of the planned 11-part Shenmue narrative, and he hopes to tell the remaining five chapters before reaching a sixth title in the series.

It sounds like the Kickstarter money is being used confidently though, which is a relief after other crowdfunding disasters (*coughInafunecough*). If Shenmue III is going to deliver, it’ll need plenty of time in the oven.

Source: Gameblog
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