Last year, Nintendo made the exciting announcement that they are teaming up with Universal Studios to create Nintendo theme park attractions. This will be a massive collaboration, with the theme park in Japan being bigger and more expensive than Harry Potter World. We haven’t received too many updates on the project since its announcement, but Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal’s Mark Woodbury have just teamed up to make a video sharing their vision for the theme parks.

Miyamoto seems extremely happy with how things are progressing, exclaiming that he is “constantly amazed how the park developers are bringing the essence of our games to life in the real world.” Woodbury explained that the goal is to create “an entire Nintendo world” that will make customers feel like they “just walked into their game platform,” much like Nintendo’s immersive Breath of the Wild experience at this year’s E3. The video also confirmed that in addition to Japan and Orlando, Nintendo’s attractions will also be coming to Universal Hollywood.

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