Indie team Yacht Club Games made their debut with Shovel Knight in 2014, and the retro-style platformer was an absolute smash hit, selling over 1.2 million copies. The game’s developers have talked about creating a 16-bit or 3D sequel to Shovel Knight going forward, but they haven’t settled on their plans for the future yet, and they want their fans to help them decide.

Yacht Club has put up a survey listing tons of possibilities for their next project, and fans can rate each possibility on a scale of one to five stars, helping the developer to gauge their interest. Choices include a
Shovel Knight sequel, a Shovel Kart game (think Mario Kart with the cast of Shovel Knight), a Zelda-style game, a Metroid-style game (a personal favorite choice of mine), an RPG, and more! You can check out all the options and fill out the survey for yourself by clicking right here.

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