Back in April, Best Buy’s listings told of an upcoming physical release of last year’s hit indie title Shovel Knight, indicating that the once digital exclusive would hit retail shelves later this year. Yacht Club Games had since stated that their game would not see a retail release, but it appears that the eponymous Blue Burrower ultimately will be digging his way into stores later this year after all! In a recent announcement on the studio’s website, Shovel Knight will release for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One come October! See the box arts for yourselves in the gallery below!

Partnering with distributor U&I Entertainment, the developer-now-publisher has stated that the shovelrous hero’s physical release will be on October 13th in North America, for the price of $19.99. In Europe, an additional PC iteration will join the lineup come October 16th.

The physical version of Shovel Knight will be no different from the original digital experience, and it will receive the same free software updates that will include the long teased Battle Mode, as well as the Plague Knight, King Knight, and Body Swap campaigns. As though the indie game isn’t enough of a love letter to games of yore, Yacht Club Games also notes that physical copies of the game will also include a complete Instruction Booklet based on the original Kickstarter reward. Preorders for the game are now going live on Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, and Target.

The press release has also teased an upcoming “MEGATON announcement” for Nintendo-exclusive content for the game, as well as the impending release of Plague Knight’s story campaign, Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows.

After having sold over 700,000 digital copies and receiving a number of gaming awards, Shovel Knight’s presence in the industry has all but continued to grow in spades – first on the digital market, and now the world! What other frontier awaits our shovel-wielding hero?

Source: Yacht Club Games

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