Last year’s SimCity had an almost universally acknowledged
bad launch. The always online DRM caused servers to crash, people
couldn’t play the game they bought, and Maxis flat-out lied about the
game not being able to be offline. All of these events swirled together
to produce fan uprisings, and demands for an offline mode escalated.
Over time, however, the server issues were fixed, and the situation
cooled down.

However, Maxis recently announced that offline would finally be coming to SimCity. Many
people were confused about why they did this roughly a year after the
game’s release, but there weren’t many complaints. According to a recent
tweet by the official SimCity Twitter, however, we can expect it to release soon. In the exact words, “Update 10 is in final testing. Almost there Mayors.”

What do you think of this revelation? Tell us in the comments below! Or not, if you don’t want to.

Source: GameSpot

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