This morning, we were treated to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, and per usual, Nintendo came out of the gate swinging with some new character reveals. The legendary vampire hunters Simon and Richter Belmont from Konami’s Castlevania franchise are joining the fight! Nintendo also unveiled a new Castlevania stage with 34 music tracks, as well as the inclusion of Alucard as an assist trophy. 

Simon Belmont would be nothing without his trusty whip, so it should be no surprise that he wields it in Ultimate as well. The whip is a bit on the slower side and leaves you vulnerable to attack, but it makes up for this deficiency by boasting the longest average reach of any fighter in the game. Players can also freely move the whip, adding another benefit to Simon’s attacks. 

Many of Simon’s special moves are based on classic Castlevania sub-weapons, such as an arcing axe throw, a boomerang-like cross, and throwing a vial of holy water which burns your enemies. Simon also packs an uppercut in his arsenal if you get too close. These are simple compared to other fighters, but they are promised to pack a powerful punch. Simon’s Final Smash is called Grand Cross, based on the item crush of the same name in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Grand Cross locks your opponent in a coffin, only to see it be thrown into the sky and assaulted with holy crosses.

Speaking of
Rondo of Blood, Richter Belmont joins the fight as an echo fighter based on Simon. Simon and Richter are identical in strength, but each has a unique look, voice, and animations. Many of Simon’s moves trace their roots back to Richter, so I’m glad to see both characters in the lineup.

In addition to the fighters, Dracula’s Castle makes its way into an already impressive lineup of stages. Dracula’s Castle is the darkest stage in
Ultimate, and comes with a handful of features reminiscent of Castlevania. Much as you would hit candlesticks in Castlevania to gain sub-weapon uses or entirely new items, in Ultimate, hitting candlesticks drops items that can be used on the battlefield. Of course, Dracula’s Castle is a dangerous place, so enemies and bosses from the franchise (including Dracula himself) will make an appearance. It is currently unknown what causes Dracula to appear, but when he does, watch out. Dracula can teleport, throw waves of fireballs, and even transform into a demon. Dracula’s Castle comes with 34 music tracks both old and new, including hits such as Vampire Killer, Dance of Illusions, and Bloody Tears.

The Belmonts aren’t the only
Castlevania characters coming to Ultimate. Alucard, the half-human, half-vampire son of Dracula, is making an appearance as an assist trophy. Alucard’s moves stem from Symphony of the Night, as he can turn into either a bat or mist to dodge attacks. Like other assist trophies, players are able to KO Alucard, but it may be a bit of a challenge.

Are you looking forward to slaying your foes with the Belmonts or will you be crying Bloody Tears of defeat?

Source: Nintendo Direct

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