While developing Xenoblade Chronicles X, director Tetsuya Takahashi has been tweeting consistently about the game itself and many of its aspects. From tweeting about the story to its gameplay, Takahashi has been effectively keeping consumers posted regarding Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s progress.

Returning to Twitter, Takahashi introduces two new staff members working on the upcoming RPG. One of them happens to be the art director for
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

Tweeting rather formally, Takahashi informed us of who he has employed to assist with
Xenoblade Chronicles X:

“Returning to the original subject, today I’ll present Mr. Yasushi Suzuki. His skills are top-notch, be it for character, mecha or landscape design. I’d meant to work with him one day and this wish has finally come true with this project. For this project, he’s mainly in charge of enemy mechs. The huge mech that appears in the last cut of the previously released [
promotional video] was also designed by him!”

The promotional video linked in the quote above is the one that features a complex-looking mech towards the end of it. In a follow-up tweet, Takahashi introduced another individual welcomed to the team tackling
Xenoblade Chronicles X:

“Next up is Mr. Raita Kazama. I believe some people already know him, as he’s also drawn beautiful images for the previous Xenoblade. For this project, I’ve mainly asked him to design the alien NPCs and the primitive lifeforms inhabiting the planet. Despite being an illustrator with a delicate touch, he himself is the macho bodybuilder type, lol.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an upcoming JRPG looking at a 2015 release scope worldwide. For more information regarding it and other video game news, make sure to stay locked-in right here at Gamnesia!

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Xeno installment!

Source: Siliconera

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