Reviews for Super Smash Bros. 3DS are beginning to flood in as we get closer and closer to the game’s launch, and while they are mostly positive, some have revealed there are some problems with multiplayer. According to GamesRadar, multiplayer—even local multiplayer—has a certain amount of instability. According to their reviewers, “the amount of lag is directly proportional to the number of players,” with duels working fine, three-player games having some hiccups, and four-player brawls being painful. That said, most other reviews either didn’t mention it or claimed to have “no technical problems whatsoever, even when playing with people in Japan and Europe to test out the online features.”

While I have no doubt the good folk at GamesRadar had some trouble with multiplayer, the sentiment does not seem to be common elsewhere. GameSpot’s review acknowledged that they’d heard of latency problems, but had no problems of their own, even playing online with people across the globe. Weak reviews for the game are few and far between, the GamesRadar being the lowest I’ve seen so far, but Eurogamer gave it its second-lowest of 7/10 and they had no mention of the latency, either. Some people online seem to think GamesRadar’s troubles have been due to wireless interference, as many members of the community have been having no local-area lag troubles themselves.

Here at Gamnesia, we only have the demo, but some of our members have said they are experiencing latency in local-area play. If it is something you’ve been having trouble with in your demo or Japanese version, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear how it is going for other people.

Sources: GameSpot, GamesRadar, Eurogamer

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