A year ago we saw a teaser for a musical tribute to the Super Smash Bros. series called Harmony of Heroes. Word on the project has been mostly silent since its announcement, but we met up with Darren Kerwin, the album’s director and producer, to discuss their progress.

Kerwin says that Harmony of Heroes will feature a wide variety of musical styles with about twice as much music as the team’s last project, Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, which supplements the original Harmony of a Hunter to form the ultimate Metroid fan album. A few months ago, the team released a new trailer for Harmony of Heroes to show off four sneak peeks at some of the album’s music, which you can see above.

Gamnesia: Is Harmony of Heroes specifically for music that was used in the Smash Bros. series, or is it more emblematic of Nintendo music as a whole?

“Harmony of Heroes is focused on the first three Smash Bros titles. Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros: Melee and Super Smash Bros: Brawl. Music. We are specifically working on creating remixes and arrangements of music already present in those games, however you will also hear a few cameos to other themes closely connected to those franchises to keep things interesting.” — Darren Kerwin

The team currently plans to launch Harmony of Heroes some time this year, but when exactly that may be is still unknown.

“At this moment in time, we are receiving the final few tracks back from musicians, and will be wrapping the music side of things shortly. However, it still needs to go through a mastering process, which will be taking place at some point in the next few months. We are also about to start work on the Harmony of Heroes website and a second trailer. There are a number of things we still need to work on to ensure this album is the very best it can be, and appreciate the patience.” — Darren Kerwin

If you’re excited to learn more about Harmony of Heroes, or their past work on Harmony of a Hunter, you can check out the team’s official website or follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook for more news as it comes!

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