Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings back every fighter in franchise history and tops the launch day roster off with a handful of newcomers and echo fighters for a total roster of 74. On top of all that, they’ve also got six DLC characters planned, making the massive roster even more diverse. Thus far, only two DLC characters have had their identities unveiled by Nintendo, but we may now have a hint at what’s to come.

Data miners have been digging into the game code for quite some time, and they’ve discovered character data for all of the existing characters plus three more. One of them is Piranha Plant, a confirmed DLC fighter. The other two are labeled under the code names “Jack” and “Brave.”

Jack is thought by some to be the code name for Persona 5’s Joker, another character that was recently confirmed as one of the DLC fighters. Brave is tricky, as that could refer to many different characters and franchises, but Nintendo’s certainly chummy with the folks at Square Enix who worked on the Bravely Default series.

Source: KuroganeHammer (via jam1garner)

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