Smashified is a show started by YouTuber Artsy Omni, who you may remember as the creator of the fake screenshots and videos of Rayman as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS that were “leaked” a few months ago. Basically, the show takes popular suggestions for Smash characters, and draws them in the art style of the Smash Bros. games, making incredibly detailed portraits of what fan-favorite characters would look like.

In the most recent video, Omni, Andrew Coleman and Chris Szczesiul show us what Travis, from the fan-made Mother 4, would look like in Smash.

This particular project is a lot different from the other ones Omni has made in the past. Now, instead of just making a 2D painting, Omni is joined by artists Andrew Coleman and Chris Szczesiul, who built a 3D model of Travis, and created a completely 3D image of the character. The model was based off of Ness’s actual model from the game, only modified to fit Travis’s look, and with completely new textures and poses. They are also joined by Mykal Williams, who worked on the music for the show and created some remixes of the Mother 4 soundtrack for this episode. 

In the past, some of the other characters that Omni has “Smashified” have included Banjo and Kazooie, King K. Rool, and obviously his famous painting of Rayman.

What do you guys think? Personally, I really love this; I’m not a very big Mother fan, but these guys’ ability is incredible and I’ve been a fan of the show from the start. The quality of the stuff they’ve produced is comparable to the art in the actual games, and that is definitely saying something. Would you want to see Travis come to Smash Bros. as DLC, if it were possible?

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