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Someone Beat Dark Souls III Without Taking a Single Hit, Using No Shield and No Ranged Combat


Dark Souls is notorious for its harsh difficulty, but that hasn’t stopped the most extreme players from running head-on into challenge before. Just last February, one player beat the first game in the series without taking any damage, a feat which its Director couldn’t even believe. But now someone has accomplished something similar in Dark Souls III.

Faraaz Khan took on
Dark Souls III with several self-imposed limitations, including no shield and no ranged combat. His goal was to beat the game without taking a single hit, which he accomplished in two hours and 27 minutes, leading to some of the most clever combat techniques you’ll see in the series. To make his way past various enemies, he’ll run or sneak by, throw an Alluring Skull to distract them, and of course dodge and roll to avoid damage.

Another challenge Khan says he might face in the future is a run where he takes down every single boss in the game without taking any damage.

If you’d like to see his impressive feat, be sure to check out the full run, embedded below. You can also
follow him on Twitch to stay up-to-date with his accomplishments in Dark Souls and any other games he may try to master in the future.

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