Fans have known for a long time now that you can take out a high level Pokémon with a lowly level 1 Rattata through the use of the “FEAR” strategy—hanging on with 1 HP thanks to a Focus Sash, then retaliating with Endeavor (which makes the opponent’s health match yours) and Quick Attack to finish them off.

One dedicated trainer decided to take this strategy to the next level, mixing it with the use of Double Team (which raises your evasiveness), Swagger, and some well-calculated predicting in order to defeat Hoenn Elite Four Champion Steven with a single Rattata. Here’s the full explanation of how it works:

“I used a modified F.E.A.R. strategy (Focus Sash, Endeavor, quick Attack Rattata) where instead of using Quick Attack immediately after Endeavor, I Double Team while Steven uses a Full Restore (I’ve done this enough times to predict what the AI is going to do). Next turn I Endeavor again on 1 HP and HOPE that Skarmory doesn’t use Toxic or Aerial Ace and either uses Spikes or misses with Steel Wing. Afterwards, Rattata levels up to 15. I then proceed to Double Team 5 more times against Aggron, hope that all the attacking moves Steven uses from now on misses, use the remaining PPs for Endeavor, and kill the remaining Claydol, Carbink, Aerodactyl, and Metagross with Swagger. This strategy relied heavily on RNG and dumb luck, but it finally happened.”

By the time the epic battle draws to a close, Rattata has gained 30 levels. Talk about top percentage!

Image credit: Natsuakai

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