A Pokémon GO player has now caught every single Pokémon currently available in the game, including the four elusive region specific monsters. Robert R. Wallace, who lives in Hawaii, now has 145 Pokémon in his Pokédex, only missing the unreleased legendaries and Ditto. The progression came naturally to Wallace, as he enjoyed playing the game in his local community, but one Pokémon in particular caused more trouble than the rest. While he caught three of the region specific monsters easily enough, Wallace had to take a trip to California to catch the North American exclusive Tauros.

In order to get the other hard to find Pokémon—Farfetch’d, who’s exclusive to Asia; Kangaskhan, who’s exclusive to Australia; and Mr. Mime, who’s exclusive to Europe—Wallace had to hatch a ton of eggs. He’s been keeping nine incubators consistently active since the game launched, explaining that he got pretty excited after seeing the stardust boost gained from a hatched Pokémon.

Now that he’s come so far in the game, Wallace told us that he’d be incredibly eager to catch the remaining Pokémon, regardless of where they are. Developer Niantic hasn’t explained exactly how the legendary Pokémon will be released in the world, but fans are expecting them to come from special events. Though he hasn’t been especially interested in any sort of gaming events before, Wallace definitely would put in the effort to complete his Pokédex. He hopes this can be a prelude to the future of Pokémon GO, as he hopes to travel the world with his brother to catch the new generations as they’re released.

In the meantime, however, Wallace is just enjoying spending time with other trainers. Though he has dialed back the amount of time he spends with the game since he caught the last Pokémon, he still likes to hang out at PokéStops and capture gyms with his fellow trainers. The social and community driven aspects of Pokémon GO are very important to Wallace, and they seem to be the part of the game he enjoys most. When Niantic updates the game with trading, he plans to give all his best Pokémon to the youngsters in his neighborhood.

Be sure to check out Wallace’s impressive collection of Pokémon in the images below. Additionally, Wallace sent us a video as proof of his achievement, with permission to publicly upload it to YouTube and share in this article. We’d like to thank him for this and the interview.

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