Minecraft engineer Magib1 has been building a working version of Pokémon Red in Minecraft‘s creative mode, using a Game Boy powered by redstone and command blocks. The build, which has been going since late July of this year, already has a working Pokédex and rudimentary collision detection.

Magib1 has been updating his progress on
Reddit, where he explains how he essentially built a game inside another game. Basically, it involves teleporting armor stands with custom map textures attached, all of which are controlled by command blocks behind the scenes.

“All of the background textures are custom maps. In the spawn chunks there is a (very large) physical representation of the entire Pokemon Red overworld, with each block corresponding to a separate map texture. An armor stand moves along this physical map and, whenever the tries to move (by using inventory slots rebound to arrow keys) the blocks for the newly loaded maps are cloned behind the map display. The item frames loading the new tiles then ‘read’ the block type and display the appropriate map, and the remaining frames get shifted up/down/left/right by a block.”
— Magib1

Magib1 has not posted any video of his project thus far, but you can see a short GIF of what he’s achieved so far

Source: PC Gamer

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