Dedicated Nintendo fans can always find inconsistencies when playing their favorite games. For those tech savvy enough, they could even find details in the game that were never meant to be discovered. Most recently, a YouTuber by the name of UncommentatedPannen discovered an unobtainable coin in Super Mario 64. Due to the position of a coin-spawning location in Tiny-Huge, one coin is unable to load properly in the level. In the video, it’s explained that the environment could have been built differently around the spawn at another point in time, but the developers didn’t bother to move it after the changes to the level you see today were made.

For a further look into the technical aspects of the elusive coin, check out the video above! What do you guys think about the discovery? Do you think this was intentionally left behind by the developers or do you think it was an accidental oversight? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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