Super Mario Bros. made its debut over thirty years ago, and the 2D platformer that inspired countless gamers and developers remains one of the most popular games to speedrun to this day. Speedrunner Darbian 
broke the world record for the fastest time beating the game back in April, and again just two months ago, and it briefly looked like even his impressive time had been topped.

After further review, a recent run by Kosmic (which was originally believed to be one frame faster than the record) was actually an exact tie with Darbian’s time. It was originally reported that Kosmic beat the classic game in just 4:57.227, but after factoring in a solitary, uncounted frame of lag in a World 8 level, it has been concluded that Kosmic’s actual time was 4:57.244. The two talented speedrunners now share the world record. Here’s Kosmic’s full explanation of how the tie was determined:

“Basically we know the exact time of the run by the pattern bowser does. His patterns change every frame from power on, so the pattern he gave me is the pattern for 4:57.227.

“But, I got a frame of lag when I did [the] bullet bill glitch in 8-2, and lag isn’t like an official frame that the game keeps track of, so Bowser’s pattern isn’t affected by this.

“8-4 was 1 frame faster but 8-2 was 1 frame slower so it’s an exact tie.”
— Kosmic

Despite the fact that it’s not a new record, Kosmic’s time is extremely impressive. You can watch it in its entirety by clicking above!


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