Nothing in college is quite as sacred as drinking a few delicious, wholesome beverages on the weekend. Many folks will use these often hoppy, sometimes grainy (but rarely corny) drinks as a centerpiece for various games and lollygags at friendly get-togethers. Chief among these spirited games is the world-famous Beirut—or as the kids call it these days, “beer pong.” The game is so popular that a Halo 5 Forge Map designer named AFTM Reclaimer has just created a near-perfect replica of classic drinking game in Halo 5 that anyone with a copy of the game can play right now.

Posted on Reddit by
Zandril, the map is designed to be a gigantic version of the classic tabletop set-up, including two sets of ten fairly accurate SOLO cups on either side in a pyramid formation. Two players will take turns throwing grifballs into the opponent’s cups. According to a video posted by Zannyvids, the cups act as goals for the grifballs, which ensures that the balls explode when they go in and lets players know when they score. The only catch is that, in order to make the cups disappear after being scored on, the players must coordinate in a few simple color-coded button presses. The process is a little difficult to describe in text, but the video shows off how simple it actually is.

This is not the first time beer pong has been made in
Halo, though it is definitely the best representation of it. The game is actually more commonly played using mongooses (ATVs in the Halo universe). Players drive off of ramps into a formation of cups in order to score, as opposed to throwing grifballs. Each cup acts as a Stronghold that is instantly captured when players enter it. From there, whoever has the most Strongholds at the end wins.

What do you think of this map? How do you feel about the sheer amount of creativity that goes into many of these Forge maps? Let us know in the comments below!

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