If you grew up with a Super Nintendo, chances are you’ve been exposed to two of the greatest games of the era: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. These two titles were the pinnacle of their genres and influenced their respective franchises (and countless other games) for years to come.

What would happen if these two titans of gaming were merged into one? The answer is ”
A Link to the Past + Super Metroid Crossover Randomizer,” and the game is even bigger than its title. You may already be familiar with A Link to the Past Randomizer, which is a hacked version of the game that swaps items around at random to keep you on your toes. This crossover title takes that idea and runs with it.

Crossover Randomizer features the entirety of both games, and various rooms in each game act as a warp that will take you to the other. They aren’t kidding about the “random” element either; you can find Super Metroid items in A Link to the Past and vice versa. It’s the ultimate challenge for veteran fans of both games with the knowledge and patience to navigate both worlds.

You can check out extensive footage of
Crossover Randomizer by clicking above, and you can peruse the game’s official website by clicking here.

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