The imagination of video game fans never cases to amaze. After decades of settling their differences with fists, the cast of Street Fighter is taking the fight to the race track in this new fan project. Hyper Street Kart: The Road Warriors is a hack that drops some of Street Fighter‘s popular characters into the world of Super Mario Kart.

This new spin on Super Mario Kart was created by modders “The Real Phoenix” and “Tenshu” and uploaded to Nintendo Duo. Guile, Chun-Li, Zangief, Bison, Blanka, Evil Ryu, Ken, and Ryu are all playable characters, while Dhalsim replaces Lakitu. Some attacks from Street Fighter, like the Hadouken, are now collectible items. The giant Cheep Cheep float that normally drops off the winner’s trophy has been replaced by an enormous, floating E. Honda.

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