Simon Thomley, the sole developer at Headcannon, recently proved his ability to revitalize classic brands with his work on Sonic Mania, the highest-rated entry in the franchise in many years. As it turns out, he had hoped to follow it up by reviving another classic franchise, this time by working with Capcom.

Headcannon was in league with
Darkwing Duck comic writer Aaron Sparrow and comic artist James Silvani, and the group was working to create a new Darkwing Duck game featuring much of the original voice acting cast. The game was planned as a spiritual successor to the NES classic and would have taken place between the show and “The Duck Knight Returns.” Steelbeak, Taurus Bulba, and the Fearsome Five were all planned as villains.

Headcannon developed a demo consisting of the game’s first level and pitched it to Capcom. Unfortunately, they opted not to move forward with the project. However, the demo itself has been released to the public, and you can try it out now for free by clicking the link in the YouTube description above.

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