Last year SEGA took their most iconic franchise back to its roots, delivering a classic-feeling 2D Sonic game that reminded fans why they fell in love with the Genesis trilogy (& Knuckles) all those years ago. Development of this successful throwback was handled not by the normal Sonic team, but by a crew of talented fans from the fan game and ROM hacking community led by Christian Whitehead.

After proving themselves on a 2D title, could they be moving on to a 3D adventure next? Whitehead recently sat down for an interview with Eurogamer, and he touched on that possibility. It doesn’t sound like anything is planned at this stage, but the interest is certainly there.

“Speaking of games in general I love 3D. I’ve worked personally with my own tech with 3D, not for Sonic. 3D interests me as a game developer a lot. It presents a whole different world of design challenges. The retro aesthetic, the reason I started doing it chiefly was that when I was younger – it’s a lot easier to develop 2D stuff, because I only had the computer my family had. But to do a 3D game you need a larger team, though personally I’m interested in it. I’m definitely down for it.”
— Christian Whitehead

When asked if the Mania crew could potentially revitalize another classic SEGA franchise in the future, Whitehead replied that the team frequently jokes about making another Burning Rangers. What would you like to see next from Whitehead and company? Should they follow Mania up with another classic-style Sonic, move on to another SEGA franchise, try their hand at 3D, or something else? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Eurogamer

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