We’re just under a year away from the launch of the live-action/CGI hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog film. To say that Sonic fans are feeling a little apprehensive about the project would be an understatement. Both Sonic and game-based movies have been horribly mismanaged in the past, and combining the two seems like a dangerous proposition. The first teaser for the film, in the form of a moving poster, has not assuaged those feelings.

The short clip released today shows the Blue Blur speeding around to collect a few rings before coming into focus, revealing a re-imagined look for the hedgehog. The new look for Sonic includes fur and a more humanoid body type. Reactions from fans on social media have been less than kind and optimistic. A chat with executive producer Tim Miller reveals that Sonic will also have two separate eyes now, although they aren’t visible in the teaser.

Source: IGN

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