SEGA has been planning a live-action/CG movie adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog for years, and it’s now well into production, with a release date of November 15th, 2019. Earlier teaser images hinted at a redesigned, more humanoid version of the titular hedgehog, and fans and developers alike have expressed criticism. Today we may finally have our first full look at the new Sonic.

The Super Sonic Zone has acquired images that they claim come from a (probably leaked) film style guide. The style guide describes the Blue Blur as “irreverent and sarcastic,” “heroic and adventurous,” “confident and competitive,” “likable,” and “mischievous but not malicious.” As previously reported, Sonic is now depicted with two eyes instead of the single, large eye he sports in the games.

Update: The Super Sonic Zone now reports that these images come from Hollywood marketing firm Hamagami Carroll. The page where the images were found was quickly removed. The Super Sonic Zone is fully convinced of their legitimacy. Although there’s no confirmation from SEGA at this time, these appear to be the real deal. 

Source: The Super Sonic Zone

Ben Lamoreux


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