E3 has come and gone, and a vast majority believed that Sony had the best press conference this year. The recently confirmed PlayStation Neo was nowhere to be found, however, and global head of marketing and sales Jim Ryan explains why. According to Ryan, Sony had a “pure story” to tell about games and wanted them to be the focus of the show. Sony wants to take its time with revealing the Neo, and they will do it when they are ready.

“We had such a strong and, I’d say, pure story about games…You are not alone in making the comment – and I think it is a legitimate comment – about only just getting going on the games side of things on PS4. I think that needed to be addressed and by focusing exclusively on the games last night, hopefully we have laid that to bogey to rest. We did disclose some high level principles in that FT piece for the thing we call codename Neo. In terms of the very public articulation of it on a stage, we really want to be ready and be able to demonstrate it properly and all of that. So we will do that when we are ready, when we can show it properly.”

Jim Ryan

When it comes to the concerns surrounding the PlayStation VR, Ryan says that the games should speak for themselves, and fans can make up their own minds regarding the device.

“Go to our room and check out the VR games and make up your own mind,” he told us at E3. “That’s for you and others to decide upon. We are completely confident that the line-up of 50 games – plus some of which was announced yesterday, which was serious in terms of heavyweight IP – that those games are going to provide a first class VR experience. What we can say is that we have a fertile ground of 40m PS4s, all of which will run PlayStation VR.”

Jim Ryan

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Source: MCVUK

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