Remember that whole Sony Pictures hacking debacle back in 2014? Good times, right? The news may seem like it’s soooo last year, but the company is still facing fallout from the disaster. Additional emails have been leaking for months now, and no one can seem to dam the steady stream of information.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie currently in development at Sony Pictures is the next victim of the hacking raid. New leaked emails concerning plans for the film recently found their way onto WikiLeaks. Yes, they are hilarious. An executive calls the franchise “Sonic the Hedge Dog” in one of the messages.

Here’s the aforementioned email written by Noriaki “Dick” Sano, the Senior Vice President of Sony Pictures Releasing International.


Dear All,

Hannah Minghella just called to give me an early heads up that a very popular video game for years from Sega game maker named SONIC – THE HEDGE DOG will be made into a Live Action film.

Script is not yet completed but it would be financed 50-50 by SPE and Sega. Ms. Mie Ohnishi from Sega (actually now called Sega/Sammy) would be stationed to Burbank until the completion of the film. She will be coming to my office for a courtesy visit this afternoon,
so Hannah’s phone call was very timely and appreciated.

According to Hannah, the release date in the US would hopefully be in 2016.

I hope this would be another franchise like RESIDENT EVIL for our Japanese market.



Not only is there an egregious misunderstanding of the franchise’s title, but the executive somehow sees
Resident Evil as an apt comparison to the blue blur.

Sony Pictures is also developing
Console Wars, a film based on the book by Blake J. Harris with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg set to direct. It seems there were fears of Console Wars and Hedge Dog competing with each other and cannibalizing Sony’s market space. However, one is a story based on truth about gaming executives and the other is about a hedge shaped like a dog. The difference explains itself in another email by Sony executive Hannah Minghella.

I have gone back and re-read the outline we bought in 2012. It is an 80 page outline about the competition between Sega and Nintendo featuring numerous consoles and games. The main characters of the proposal (as outlined in the “cast of characters” section are the executives at the two companies). Three quarters of the way through the outline the turning point for Sega was the creation of Sonic The Hedgehog. While I didn’t remember this as an element of the proposal (in part because it comes so late in the story) I still don’t see what the conflict is. One movie is a fictional children’s film and the other is a non-fiction behind the scenes look at these two iconic companies and the heated rivalry between the executives there. Sonic is part of the story but he’s not a “character” in Scott’s film – at least not from my read of the treatment. I do think Ange or I should have called Scott to let him know we were going to develop a Sonic film but I genuinely don’t understand why one impacts the other. I suppose now might not be the time to let him know Sony Animation is negotiating for the Mario rights from Nintendo…

Video game movies are truly the pinnacle of film. You can see how knowledgeable the people behind them are. Lock up the Oscars, because Sonic is about to storm Hollywood.

And with that, I leave you with one last Hedge Dog. Okay, maybe it’s a grass dog.

Source: WikiLeaks

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