Sony announced the PS4 Pro during their PlayStation Meeting 2016 stream today. This new addition to the Sony console line up doubles the power of the standard PlayStation 4’s GPU and boosts the console’s overall clock speed. The new GPU will also utilize AMD’s new Polaris architecture. This new console is designed to support 4K and HDR gaming.

The new console will feature an easy way to transfer all of your data from a regular PlayStation 4 and will come standard with a 1TB HDD for storage. What’s more, while the console is designed with 4K resolutions in mind, those with just a 1080p television will not be left behind. The PS4 Pro promises to improve visual density on older televisions as well, though the console’s full potential is with 4K. Finally, older games such as
Shadows of Mordor will be receiving patches that help support the capabilities of the PS4 Pro.

Source: PlayStation Meeting 2016

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