The unfortunate triple whammy announcement came this week that Microsoft has cancelled the anticipated Xbox One and PC title Fable Legends, that its closed beta will end on April 13th, and that the game’s Guildford-based developer, Lionhead Studios, will likely be shutting down. With the news taking both the gaming community and Lionhead Studios itself by complete surprise, the roughly 100 employees of the possibly defunct Microsoft subsidiary will soon either be shuffled around to other teams or find themselves out of a job.

That said, Sony has announced via its PlayStation Jobs Twitter page that it will be hosting a recruitment event in the area on Monday, specifically for those at Lionhead Studios. People representing studios under the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe banner will be present, and personal appointments can be booked.

While it is disheartening to see Microsoft put Lionhead Studios under the axe out of the blue, Sony’s willingness to step in and lend a hand on such short notice does make for a truly commendable example of solidarity within the industry at large. Give us your thoughts on Sony’s actions in the comments below!

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