Sony has been working on a virtual reality headset for years now, and they finally announced that PlayStation VR will be launching this October for $399. PlayStation VR will be available in a bundle with the PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move controllers for $499.

PlayStation VR works in tandem with PlayStation 4, so you’ll need the console as well. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and CEO Jim Ryan recently met up with Game Reactor for a video interview, and Ryan revealed that Sony is not planning to launch a bundle that includes both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, at least not anytime soon.

“No, we won’t do it at launch. I think we will wait and see just how well this thing is received in the market over a period of months and it may be one thing we could look at. It would be quite an expensive bundle.”
— Jim Ryan

Moments later, Ryan continued to discuss Sony’s wait and see approach.

“We are still a number of months away from launching this thing. We are very excited about VR but its not proven so we will see how it goes and then we will start thinking about the future. We are very encouraged, we are very optimistic and very intrigued by VR. We hope it’s going to be a success and we think it’s going to be a success but at this stage it will be really premature to start looking at things that would compromise the nature of the basic PS4 experience.”
— Jim Ryan

Would you be interested in a bundle that includes both the console and the headset?

Source: Game Reactor

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