If you weren’t watching Summer Games Done Quick last week, you missed out on an exciting week packed with incredible gaming feats. Twice a year (in the Summer and Winter) Games Done Quick gathers some of the most talented video game speedrunners in the world in one location for a 24/7 gaming marathon to raise money for charity.

During the Summer event (SGDQ), Games Done Quick always donates the money to
Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières. This wonderful humanitarian group travels all over the world providing medical care to people in need. This year’s SGDQ set a new record for the Summer event, raising a grand total of $2,122,529.20 for the organization.

To put that in perspective, the first SGDQ in 2011 raised $21,397, or about one-tenth what the event generates today. It’s an incredible success story that gets better every year. Speaking of every year, the dates and location have been set for the next event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2019. The next AGDQ is scheduled for January 6th – 13th in Rockville, Maryland. Hopefully it’s every bit as successful as the record-breaking marathon that just wrapped up!

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