The Nintendo Treehouse showed off much more of Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch during E3. Both Salmon Run—a new multiplayer mode—and the buffed single player campaign were shown off. If there is anytime to get excited, it is now; the game comes out in less than a month, on July 21st!

Salmon Run is a cooperative multiplayer mode in which Inklings must defend an island from three waves of enemies called Salmonids. Playable locally offline and with friends and others online, Salmon Run promises to be a malleable experience. The difficulty can be turned way up or down enough (in percentage increments ranging from 5% to 200%) so that most everyone can join in on the fun.

The online version of the mode will feature timed events: players will be called into battle on a whim for real-time Salmonid invasions. In these events, the players’ Inklings will be assigned specific weapons to take care of the fishy menace, while outside of these events they will have their choice of weapons to use.

The primary targets of this mode are the Boss Salmonid, each of whom is weak to a specific weapon type or strategy, encouraging cooperation and conversation between teammates. Defeating these foes will earn you golden eggs for the boss man that assigns you these Salmon Run missions, who will in turn provide players with more rewards. It will be interesting to see how people handle the different obstacles the game will throw our way, including swarming Salmonids and weather effects such as fog that can obscure the Inklings’ vision.

The single player campaign seems to have a lot of calamari meat to offer as well. This time around, the player can select the weapon they want to tackle a stage with from the overworld instead of just stick with the Splatershot Hero. Any available weapon can be used on any level, which should provide much more replay value compared to the campaign of the original
Splatoon. The one stipulation is that the hero Inkling must complete the level with a specific assigned weapon on the first time through, and then the other weapons for the stages can be unlocked by completing optional challenges for Sheldon. Power Egg and Sardinium collectibles can power up weapons, too.

One cool change from the first Splatoon is that, if your Inkling takes lots of damage in the campaign, he or she will first lose their armor instead of being immediately splatted. The armor will also regenerate with time, but with the way the levels shown off so far are shaping up, it looks like players will definitely still need to be on their toes—or tentacles—at all times.

What do you think about
Splatoon 2‘s new mode and campaign? Are you excited for the game to come out? And do you play these squid kid games mainly for the online multiplayer or for the other perks like the quirky campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!

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