In a recent Iwata Asks interview with some of the Nintendo designers behind Splatoon, we learned a lot about the development of the game. One interesting piece of information was that the squid characters in the finished game were originally based on rabbits.

When the game was in early development, the design team was struggling to come up with a feasible concept to base their characters on. They considered tofu-like creatures and even the incorporation of Mario into the game, before moving onto rabbits.

“Well, a lot of it was because of design factors. Rabbits are white to begin with, so it would be easy to tell if they were inked. They’ve got long ears that would move when they did, so you could see them moving and when viewed from above, it would be easy to tell which direction they were facing by the direction of the ears.” — Seita Inoue

The idea of using squids soon replaced the rabbits concept, leading to the game we see today. Do you think it could have been as good had Nintendo stuck with the rabbits idea? Let us know below!

Splatoon releases exclusively for the Wii U on May 29th, 2015.

Source: Nintendo

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