For a long time Nintendo avoided making DLC a part of their release model, sticking with their traditional way of doing business. However, over the past few years we’ve seen them support well-known Nintendo IP like Super Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros., and Mario Kart with additional content post-launch. If all goes to plan, this trend will continue with their new IP, Splatoon. According to producer Hisashi Nogami, Nintendo sees the launch of Splatoon as the “first step” in an experience that will be added to over time in order to keep fans interested.

“We can’t go into a lot of detail on that today, but we do have some plans to follow up with content to keep interest in the game post-launch. We on the development team are thinking of the launch as a first step of sorts. We hope to add to that in terms of content, and even to the degree that we’re hoping that this will become a franchise that Nintendo can be proud of.”
— Hisashi Nogami

Nintendo has been making a serious effort to promote
Splatoon and establish it as a new major title in their arsenal. Giving it support for an extended period of time will be a key part of that effort.

Source: Games Radar

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