The lack of voice chat in Splatoon has been a hot topic in recent weeks. For instance, a debate even started within our own staff about the subject. However, in a recent interview with Nintendo Life, Splatoon‘s producer, Hisashi Nogami, mentioned how the game was specifically built without the need for voice chat.

Here’s a direct quote from the interview:

Nintendo Life: The absence of voice chat, as a design choice, has been a notable topic – what’s your perspective on the demands from some gamers for some chat functionality, even if it’s limited to those on a system’s Friends List?

Nogami: As I mentioned, we didn’t set out to create a game that simply improved on something already out there, but to create something entirely new. We want everyone to play this game from the same point, so that all players – those who haven’t played shooters before, as well as those who have – can enjoy the game. Getting to this though meant going through a selection process for all features that should appear in the game, and as part of this process we decided to leave out voice chat.

We think there are two reasons for wanting to use it: to play strategically, and to know what you opponent is feeling. We designed the game so that it’s still possible to play strategically, while also giving due consideration so that there is no extreme advantage one way or the other. In terms of knowing what your opponent is feeling, we really do understand the fun that can be had with this, but we hope that you will also understand that it can also have a negative effect too.

As you can see, the original decision was made so that every kind of player can enjoy the game. Online interactions always have the potential to become not-so-family-friendly, so deciding not to use voice chat makes sense. Ultimately, this decision then meant that the game would have to still include strategic gameplay without the luxury of vocal communication.

Personally, I like how the strategy in Splatoon seems to unfold organically, with each player reacting to the others’ decisions instead of it all being planned out. What’s your opinion? Does Splatoon need voice chat, or do you like the game just how it is? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo Life

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