Splatoon recently launched on Wii U to a positive reception and strong sales, but the game’s launch is seen by its developers as only a first step. Regular DLC updates will flesh out the experience with more weapons, stages, and modes. The first update, including a new gun, a new map, and ranked battles was actually already on-disk, and just had to be unlocked, while other stages and weapons have leaked, and even key features like custom match-making won’t launch until later. Why the slow, gradual roll-out of important content? Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami tackled that question in a recent interview.

Can you explain the reasoning for gradually rolling out additional stages, items and modes in the months after release?

There are two reasons for this:

First, we put a lot of effort into every inch of the online stages, so by playing them over and over again users can get a better feel for the terrain, giving the gameplay more breadth and depth. The characteristics of the weapons and the strategies for using them vary with each weapon, and of course these will vary depending on the stage you use them in and even what combination of equipment your teammates and opponents are using. We want users to enjoy each and every single piece of content we’ve prepared, so rather than provide a lot at once, we’re going to be adding them a little at a time.

Second, is that while we’ve paid a lot of attention to the balancing the game, the flip-side of this is that we feel the game needs weapons with a lot of variety as well as stages with complex layouts to really expand the gameplay.

The problem there is that these can sometimes disrupt the overall balance of the game.

The real fun of Splatoon comes when players are comfortable with the game, and are able to play to their full potential with other players they meet in the online matches.

We’ll be adding more stages and weapons as we see how the community matures. We’ll also do something similar with further game modes too.

Nogami feels that a slow, gradual roll-out of new content is the best option to maximize player enjoyment. Do you agree with this assessment, or would you prefer they just release all of the completed DLC at once?

Source: Nintendo Life

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