Splatoon, Nintendo’s upcoming IP, is a largely team-based, online shooter, but it lacks a key component of many other popular shooters. The game’s developers chose not to include voice chat so as to cut down on negative gameplay experiences, focusing on the positives instead. Producer Hisashi Nogami was recently asked about this decision and how it will affect gameplay, and Nogami explained that the very nature of the colorful, ink-based game makes voice chat unnecessary for communicating a team strategy. Instead, strategy is communicated through actions.

“In terms of communication in games in general, there are two main types: communication about strategy, and communication about feelings you have while playing at that moment. When that point is applied to this game, one interesting aspect of Splatoon is that the actions you take shooting ink can immediately be seen in the stage you’re playing by yourself and other players, and conversely when you see the actions other players are taking shooting ink, it’s something you can interpret immediately and then base your next actions on that and judging what that means. That’s an important part of the gameplay in Splatoon.

“In designing the game, we paid special attention to allowing the gameplay to cover a lot of ground for that kind of strategic communication. However we definitely understand the importance players put on that other type of communication that’s more feelings-based.

“And so because we understand that desire for players to have that kind of emotional communication, we can imagine players using some way or another to achieve that extra layer of communication while playing the game.”
— Hisashi Nogami

Nogami believes that the core gameplay of
Splatoon, claiming territory by coating it in colorful ink, negates the necessity for voice chat in order to communicate a team strategy. Do you agree with his assessment, or would you have preferred to be able to communicate with both your words and your actions? Sound off in the comments!

Source: US Gamer

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