After revealing new gameplay and a new trailer at Gamescom, Square Enix has stated it does not plan on revealing new footage of the game anytime soon. Although the company plans on presenting the game at PAX in three weeks and TGS in September, the only plans are to show the game’s recent Dawn Trailer for a second and third time.

Additionally, the publisher admitted that it does have a release window planned for the game; however, the company refused to announce said window. Development has stretched on for nearly ten years, but the release date of
Final Fantasy XV is still anybody’s guess.

Finally, the company provided a few dodgy answers for questions posed during Gamescom. Airships may be converted to DLC segments since they are nowhere near ready. Questions regarding plot points were met with a typical “Please look forward to more information!” Square Enix plans to open forums for the game, but they are not ready yet.

After years of waiting and story fragments and gameplay snippets, Final Fantasy XV doesn’t seem to be any closer than it was a decade ago. The 2016 launch predicted by many fans is in serious jeopardy. Square Enix’s guaranteed drought of information on the game is worrying. We won’t be hearing anything new about Final Fantasy XV for a while.

Source: Kotaku

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