1. Lol Matt Nicpon i was just talking about this.

  2. Omg! I’d be so happy 🙂

  3. Dragon Quest 9 was one of my favorites! Would love it on the Switch.

  4. That was the first Dragon Quest game I played, and I was absolutely blown away.


    I put SO DAMN MANY hours into this game 😂💓

  6. I wouldn’t mind it being remade. The game was my first intro to DQ and it sounded like it’d be a game great with multiple people.

  7. Yessss 9 is my favorite!

  8. Sean Bailey wasnt this the one we all got at gamexchange because it was a turn based multiplayer rpg

  9. Yes I love dragon quest ix

  10. Nice! I enjoyed this one and it’s a good intro to rpgs for younger players because of the multiplayer aspects

  11. Ryan Kelly I need this😍

  12. I dig it. Waited weeks for it to show up at the NEX. I never beat though. Last boss was overkill. Hope they fix the grinding though.

  13. Here’s an idea, remake or port the originals not previously released in US

  14. I would buy it since i have missed the game on the DS.

  15. How bout bringing back chrono trigger you heathens

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