Early last week developer
Realtech VR announced plans to remaster the first three Tomb Raider games for release on Steam. A few videos were uploaded to YouTube to show off the progress of the remastering process, and Realtech VR planned to release the remasters as free updates to the existing games on Steam. Unfortunately, Square Enix has already pulled the plug.

To be more accurate, this project was never “plugged” in the first place. As it turns out, Realtech VR was working on these remasters of their own volition, and they announced them to the public without ever getting permission from Square Enix. Seeing as Square Enix owns the rights to the games, that doesn’t fly. A spokesperson for Square Enix issued the following statement:

“While we always welcome passion and excitement for the Tomb Raider franchise, the remasters in question were initiated and advertised without seeking approval. As such, they were never officially sanctioned. Ensuring fans receive high quality gaming experiences is at the heart of our mission as a company, which requires all projects to go through proper channels.”
— Square Enix

Realtech VR is legally restricted from discussing the matter, but they have confirmed that they are currently not working on any Square Enix projects. Their Tomb Raider work in progress videos have all since been removed from YouTube.

Source: Games Industry

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